The innovative start-up company EderaGen AS has now reached a stage of development where the Company opens for external investors as shareholders. In order to cope with expansion EderaGen needs to strengthen its staff, and making the Company financially robust is an important prerequisite for further growth and development.

EderaGen AS has made the invention of deconstructed soil, commercialized the concept, and carried out full scale production of the first deconstructed soil product, which has been marketed and sold under the trade name EderaGard®. The system for marketing and sales in the Norwegian market was established under the subsidiary EderaGen Helse AS. Increased interest in the products and the unique patented concept attests that deconstructed soil stands out in the jungle of products designed to modulate the complex ecosystem of the gut microbiome. Immediate challenges are now linked to marketing and sale, and it is necessary to expand the organization and capacity of the Company:

  • Expand the staff of competent personnel
  • Increase income with existing products
  • Focus on marketing and sales
  • Internationalize the business – embark into new markets
  • Communicate with customers and various interested parties, researchers, authorities, and the general public, etc.
  • Initiate work on specialty products to be used in conjunction with other treatments

The good platform for marketing and sales on the Internet will be further developed, also focusing on branding, other sales channels, internationalization. Patent has already been granted in Norway and pending in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Trademarks have been registered or are currenty pending in multiple countries. An objective is to embark into new markets where we have applied for a patent and where regulatory risk and other risks appear reasonable.
The deconstructed soil concept has significant potental within a wide variety of applications related to the status of the gut microbiota, such as:

  • Use in conjuction with treatment of certain conditions or diseases where the efficacy of the treatment depends on a functioning gut microbiota
  • Protection against infectious diseases – epidemics
  • Conditions and diseases caused by gut microbiota dysbiosis

Conditions or diseases where the efficacy of the treatment depends on a functioning gut microbiota include, for instance:

  • Vaccination, in particular against virus
  • Restoration of the microbiome after antibiotic treatment
  • Autism and ME (chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Histamine-intolerance
  • Cancer treatment drugs
  • Restoration of a gut microbial ecosystem in the large intestine by fecal transplantation (FMT)

It is not realistic to involve in multiple such areas at the same time, but involvement in just one of them represents a business opportunity which may justify a very expansive growth of EderaGen.

Partners with ambition, patience, and financial muscle to make the Company financially robust are now welcome. Communication or inquiries relating to a possible investment in EderaGen AS will be treated confidentially, and should be directed to the following representatives of the Company:

Jan Raa, Prof. emeritus
Email :

Knut Eirik Andersen
Email :