EderaGen develops concepts and product candidates based on ecological principles, with the goal of balancing the microbial community in the human gut, and for strengthening our innate immune system. Based on a remarkable discovery made by the EderaGen team, we are proud to present a ground-breaking novel concept which facilitates energy distribution and functions as an eco-stabilizer in the gut.

We evolved in contact with soil

In our modern societies people are disconnected from the natural environment which has formed us throughout our evolutionary history. EderaGen has developed a replacement for this lost contact in the form of natural substances in soil, in form of a composition referred to as deconstructed soil.

Our gut microbiota rules our body for good and for bad

Ecological imbalance in the complex microbial ecosystems inside the gut – gut dysbiosis – is a root cause of gastroenterological conditions and other disturbances.

The human gut microbiota

The human gut microbiota is the totality of microbes in our gut. It contains more microbial cells than the total number of cells in the host, and encodes 150-fold more genes than the human genome. During the past decade it has become clear that the microbial community of the gut can be viewed as an essential organ, playing key roles in development, nutrition and immunity. The ecology of the gut microbiota is being increasingly associated with non-communicable diseases often linked to western lifestyles.

The concept

In order to restore the microbiota in the gut to a balanced state in harmony with the host’s evolutionary history, EderaGen has designed a concept which addresses inflammation, enhances energy redistribution in the gut contents, and creates an “inner soil” (deconstructed soil) in which beneficial strict anaerobic gut bacteria species can grow.

About us

EderaGen is the result of decades of scientific and business experience which pertains directly to the core of the Company’s business. Advanced ultra-high-throughput DNA-analysis enables the company to characterize complex microbial communities, such as the ecosystem of the human gut. The DNA sequencing technology and sophisticated supercomputers represent a descriptive technology, but EderaGen also uses it as a tool for developing compositions to balance the gut microbiota in an ecological manner.